Friday, 24 February 2012

There is an unemployment crisis. A crisis surrounding our national opinion and treatment of the unemployed.

I signed on.  At the end of next month it will have been a year.  A whole year.  Admittedly there have been only two or three weeks in that year in which I’ve had no work whatsoever but still.  A year?!  Pam (my advisor) said to me with elongated vowels and infuriatingly soft tones;

So, you’re looking for charity work ( ‘charity work’.  Don’t grimace just say yes).


Have you called any charities?

Excuse me?

Charities, have you called any?  Can you tell me which one’s you’ve been in touch with please.

What, all of them?  It’s about a hundred.  I’ve applied for eighty jobs, interviewed for thirteen (she knows this, she’s just trying to annoy me). 

You want me to list them to you? Now?

Have you tried Bernados?

(What?!) Yes, I’ve looked at Bernados (lie) they don’t have anything I’m qualified for.

Have you thought about leaving the country?